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Default Re: DTG Beginner, Which Machine to Buy ? Where to find info ?

Originally Posted by BangkokShopper
Thank you, I didn't know this point !

We have customers who want to launch a Tshirt shop and they were thinking that it would be good to invest in a DTG printer rather than large stock of Tshirts and then make the tshirts depending on orders that they will get.

But at first they won't have enough Tshirts to print, so as you said the only way is to outsource the printing ?

Do you think that some companies accept to make few Tshirts a day at a good price ?

We are located in Bangkok / Thailand and making Tshirts the "classic way" is cheap here but we must order at least 10 Tshirts for 1 design, and this is what our customer didn't want because he will have hundreds of designs.

Any other idea ?

Thank you for your help.
Maybe you can try heat transfer. 2-3 shirts is good enough to use heat transfer because the time is enough. Heat transfer may take you 15 minutes to finish a shirt and maintenance cost is lower.

By the way, I am from Malaysia. The cost at here also cheap for screen print and minimum normally 20 pcs. DTG is not so famous here. How about you there?