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Default Re: Sample Multi-Color Vinyl Pics

Originally Posted by rusty
The registration problem is due to the 1st layer of vinyl shrinking and warping. When vinyl is heating to 350 degrees and cooled down again, it shrinks. And the gold ThermoFlex has especially sticky backing which causes it to stretch out of shape when you peel the backing off after pressing. So you can register the top part and the bottom might be 1/4" off. I tried peeling both hot and cold, and it still warped both ways, but the warping didn't seem to be as bad when I peeled it cold. Fortunately, the ThermoFlex can be stretched out afterward to try to get it back into a shape that you can register the next layer.

I don't think SpectraCut II stretches as easily, but then I don't think it warps as much as ThermoFlex either.
I hear you with the elasticity of ThermoFlex. It's tough sometimes. Great job!