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Default Re: Solids are KILLING ME!!

Originally Posted by Stitch-Up
If everything was A okay Eric, you'd be getting a good print. There are of course other factors I've not mentioned like shirt choice, RIP environment choice, ink starvation etc.

I'd be inclined to manually print a scrap t-shirt (you likely have a few ). I'd purposely apply too much pre-treatment. Dry it in the press for 30secs @ 350F and heavy pressure. I use a smooth silicon sheet to do this - others will have their own method. Then just print a block of white with no colour layer. Cure it and study the quality. Get this part right before moving on.
I agree that there is something going on with my prints. I will take your suggestions and try to add much more pre-treat than normal and see what happens. I am getting good nozzle checks but I am wondering about the actual volume of ink coming out. It appears I am getting good initial white ink coverage but obvisouly something is not right. I recently replaced my white dampers with some ebay ones but I kept the OEM epson dampers and cleaned them. Could a damper(s) be restricting some flow?