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Default Re: Looking for good beginner DTG printer

Originally Posted by ferisoft
Fast T-Jet Package Prices - this pro package at 17k $ and maybe the KIOSK - The DTG Kiosk Inkjet Printer (i have now requested prices and specs on email because adobe reader crashed AGAIN) If someone has used any of the 2 or in the best case both of them can you tell me the differences the costs for ink and so on please.
They are both built upon the same engine, MASTERMIND. The only difference that is apparent, is the support. Don (SWF East, DTG Kiosk you are referring to) appears to be much more cogniscant (sp?) to his user base and support needs.

This is only a personal observation. However, it is factually built upon the mastermind infrastructure just like the TJet. Are there subtle differences? You would need to ask Don, but it is a MasterMind printer like the TJet.

Many people appear to be awaiting the DTG HM1, myself as well.