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Default Re: PowerRIP software for the Mod-1

Originally Posted by aditup
I purchased a refurbished Mod-1, and were told the RIP software was included with 2 of 3 serial or installs (the previous owner used 1). The bank that sold the Mod-1 is saying that we have to get it from Belquette, and Chris has said that bank has to give it to us (even said it where it was - a white box). We found the box, the cables, but no software.

Now to my question, which I am afraid I know the answer to... Is the RIP software an absolute necessity to run the printer. I really don't want to purchase new software for the machine considering it was supposed to be included, and no one is giving any understandable explanation of where it can be.

I just would like to run it and try to make some money from it, instead of pay the lease payment for nothing.

- John

Hello John,

I am Ted Birmingham with iProof Systems the RIP developer for the Mod1. Our RIP license extends only to the original purchaser of the software. This is the same terms Adobe, Corel and Quark use with their software. The normal retail price of our software is set by our OEMs, but is in the neighborhood of 1000 to 1500 dollars per copy. The software comes with 3 unlocks so users can have back up computers in case of emergencies. We reset original user for Free up to 2 times and then charge a fee for resets. If a customer is not an original user they do not get this. Second hand software users still get free phone support. We have to make our money somewhere. We have new policies in place if you purchase a printer from one of our OEMs second hand or from a bank you can buy an upgrade to the latest version for the same price as one of the original users. This extends a right to upgrade at a reduced price to users who did not purchase the original software from us.