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Default Re: Selling the St Patty design

Originally Posted by Leg cramps
I tried doing that last year , all the irish bars I went to did not want to buy shirts because the beer distributers give them free ones.
You must did have Leg and Brain cramps.
1. Show us your design which failed.
2. Did you personalized your shirts instead of saying "I can do". This is one of differences than Howard.
3. Will you be in free food line or do you want decent meal to enjoy?
4. When you find oasis in desert you are the Winner. Find Water($) next to river won't be rewarded. Can you imagine the quality they giving away? Will you wear that?
Massage your cramps and let's challenge again. I sure you are fighter then give up before give best shot. Aim between eyes, center stomach where third button down, between legs(your ID, lol).
Are you NeoFamily?
Cheers! Beers are on me always.
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