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Default Re: Need help with Easy T Printer - fixing Error

Originally Posted by JTPGraphics
I think I finally got it! Hopefully it works.... http://sdrv.ms/11LMpjB

It seems to be going thru its initial sequence, i cant pinpoint what exactly is going on.. it could be as simple as an inkchip issue or the head/motherboard/cisc deal.. I have converted the 2880 to dtg but we abondoned it after extensive testing due to starvation issues as the 2880 functions a bit different than the other 8 channel epsons.. we consulted the issue with a few rip manufactures and were warned that this was not the best epson model to use for dtg due to the ink control differences. I also dont know of any other manufacturers that use this model either.. It may be best to consult with the manufacturer while under warranty at this point

P.S do you know if the pw sensor was left in the printer? also when i tested this printer there were 2 chipsets available one was listed with photo black (pk) and one was listed with matt black (mk) these were seperate chip blocks from the carts and had little white toggle reset switches.. I cant recall but one of the sets worked and the other did not consistantly check and see if you have this type of chip set- which one it is (mk) or (pk) and try the other.. you get both sets when you order carts maybe the issue? inkjetcarts.us http://store.inkjetcarts.us/epson-r2...tem-p4651.aspx

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