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Default ENTRY #15 - 2012 DTG Battle Royale - Photos and Rating

Each entry will be given 10 points each for the 5 different rating factors (for a total 50 points max):

First Impressions - is the print "display ready" without pretreat stains and heat press squares

Sharpness of Detail in the print

Softness of Hand on the print

Print accuracy - (registration, trapping, no banding, even ink distribution)

Washability - how does the print hold up after the initial wash?

This post covers the first 4 factors with photos. The wash tests will be done over the next few days.

FI: 10

SOD: 9

SOH: 8

PA: 8

Total Before Wash: 35

Some things I looked for specifically in each entry:
  • My initial reaction of pulling the t-shirt out of the box. Was I wowed or dissappointed right off the bat?
  • How well the white underbase was trapped on the front print? Are there any white ink highlights peeking through (there shouldn't be any)
  • Evidence of pretreatment? Could I tell right off where the pretreat "square" was? Most entries actually did pretty well at this
  • Ink coverage on the back print. Lots more solid color areas on the back. Were the colors smooth or splotchy looking?
  • Color and fades in the back design? How well were the color variations handled?
  • How did the print feel overall? Could I tell where the t-shirt stopped and the ink of the design started? Did the print feel heavy or barely noticeable
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