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Default Re: The Second Annual DTG BATTLE ROYALE (print off) is here!

Originally Posted by 23spiderman
it's not your fault i sent it in the day before, but we all played by the same rules. so extending the deadline now wouldn't be fair to those who have already sent theirs in on time. also, i replied to your comment about extending but didn't hear back and i didn't want to send mine in late "hoping" you would extend the contest. i waited until about 6pm to get the shirt on the UPS truck.

i do appreciate the offer, but again, it's not your fault. i was just saying that IF you were going to extend the deadline, it should be done prior to the due date. in my opinion, the due date was set a couple of months ago, just go with the entries you have. i'm excited to see how the results come out!
Yes, the call for entries lasted several months, so there was definitely ample time for people to get their entries in

However, it's not uncommon to have deadlines extended to make sure enough entries are in. Things happen, people get busy, etc. Even Impressions Magazine sometimes extends their deadlines on their yearly Impressions awards.

To be honest, with the ISS Las Vegas show going on, I didn't even realize that today was the date of the deadline. I thought it was this Friday.

One thing I don't understand Sean is how on one hand you asked about getting a deadline extension but now that your entry is in on time, you are saying that a deadline extension would be unfair. Can't have it both ways

Either way, the new entry deadline is August 31st, 2012.

For anyone that really feels that after having 3 months to get an entry in before the deadline that they shouldn't have had to pay extra to get it in before the 15th if there was going to be an extension, feel free to send me a PM
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