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Default Re: Neoflex One Hour Production Cycle - Nonstop Printing

Originally Posted by VTG
Steve, I would have thought that being in Canada would be a dream with respect to room comfort ... seems like you'd hardly need any AC in the summer (compared to other places down south) ... and the heat presses would actually warm the room up a bit in the winter (when you actually do need some heat).

Even with two NeoFlex printers, you could probably get by with two heat presses ... three presses should be more than enough to keep production flowing smoothly.

LOL.. joke right? in Canada we don't live in igloo's.
Last 60 days we have over 100F everyday, lawns are brown and many are dead from LONG heat waves, with HIGH humidity.
People come from Texas to visit and say it feels a LOT Hotter here in June.
We have 110F with HIGH humidity in summer and -40 in winter.
A/C cost $$ all summer and Heating cost $$ all winter.
Expensive place to live with energy bills.

Room gets too hot and our computers shut down, can hardly breath in here with AC full. just too humid.