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Default Re: Epson T1100 - Please help

since last post I have had blockages AGAIN. This time I remove the cartridges, Flushed the head, each color, with the syringe and rubbing alcohol, (dont forget the paper towel underneath) until the paper showed clear fluid. Used a lot of changes of paper towel. Then flushed again with the syringe full of air to push out the left over alcohol, again lots of paper towel changes, until no fluid showed on the paper. When I re-installed the cartridges (CISS) I still had no print from the black. On checking I found the black cartridges were EMPTY. Apparently the ink was not being fed into the cartridges due to the clamp holding the hoses was crimping the pipes. I reset the clamp & hoses and then put the cartridges below the bottles, removed the bung on the cartridge and used the syringe to push air into the bottle through the bottle air hole and push ink into the cartridge until it was full. Watch out!! the ink fills quickly and you get ink everywhere. I know. Replace the cartridge bung and install the cartridges and my system worked straight away. I have had no trouble since. Touch wood.
Hope this helps, apparently Windex works as good as rubbing alcohol.