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shesaballer June 9th, 2019 06:05 AM

Where are they made?
I am trying to find out where Next Level 6610's are made, and also where M&O #4505 Adult Tank Tops are made?

Doe anyone know?

Thanks in advance!

NoXid June 9th, 2019 07:26 PM

Re: Where are they made?
Most of these companies source from multiple overseas locations, so the answer is probably: It Depends.

Most of the NL I've seen has come from Central America, but some was from Asia ... just looked at a tag: Cambodia. This cuts across all styles, as far as I can tell, so a 6610 could be from any of the places they use. For their more popular styles, there is also a Made In The USA option.



> Where are Next Level Apparel products made? We are currently manufacturing in multiple countries.

I imagine you are asking because you want to relabel? This is *one* of the reasons I've never relabeled.

TABOB June 10th, 2019 04:06 AM

Re: Where are they made?

Originally Posted by NoXid (Post 4433493)
This is *one* of the reasons I've never relabeled.

I relabel everything, and it's really easy to do. One of the methods I use is sublimating polyester ribbons.

The tricky bit is what to put on catalogues and websites. No easy solution.

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