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What makes a good thread title?

Want to make sure the t-shirt question you post in the forums gets the best answers? So do we :)

These tips are posted to help you get the best answers for your t-shirt questions. We have a large community of t-shirt experts in a wide range of fields. With their busy schedules, it's not possible for each member to read every thread in every section of the forum.

As they scan the forum for topics they can contribute to, one of the first things they look at is the title each thread. The TITLE lets other members immediately know whether they may be able to help with the question posted (and whether they should click through to read the question at all).

Please remember these tips when posting your question to the forums:

  • Search first
  • Be descriptive
  • Post in the right forum section

Search First

Before posting your question, it's always a good idea to search the forums. We've covered a wide variety of t-shirt topics in the years we've been online and all the answers, opinions, experiences, tips, and suggestions are available for you to read. Chances are that, if you have a question, someone else has had a similar question and the answer has already been posted.

Read through a few of the threads you find, and also look through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) and our T-Shirt Glossary to find many common answers.

Be Descriptive With Your TITLE

I can't stress this enough :) The TITLE is important. Spending an extra few seconds putting together a good title will help save you hours of time (and you know what they say time equals :)

The more descriptive you are with your thread/post TITLE, the better the quality of answers you'll receive. You will probably receive answers faster as well. I've seen the same question go unanswered for a day get a helpful response within an hour by just changing the title from something short like "Help" to something descriptive like "Can you help me choose the right blank t-shirt".

Examples of descriptive, helpful TITLES:
  • What type of printing method should I choose?
  • Where can I buy quality blank t-shirts
  • What type if equipment do I need to start making my own t-shirts
  • How do I make my graphics ready for screen printing in photoshop
  • Where can I buy a heat press? What should I look for

Examples of short, not as helpful titles:
  • Newbie needs help
  • HELP!!!!
  • Urgent, look here
  • t-shirts
  • printing question
  • what is this?
  • General Question

Post in the right forum section

T-ShirtForums.com is organized by subject categories. You can find these categories by scrolling down the T-ShirtForums.com homepage or by clicking the "Forum Navigation" link in the left hand sidebar area. The subjects include topics like "General T-Shirt Selling Discussion", "Graphic Design Help", "T-Shirt Fulfillment" , "Screen Printing", "Heat Press and Heat Transfers", etc.

By starting your question in the appropriate section of the forum, it will increase the chances that the person with the right information will see your post and be able to help.

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