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bmxteessales October 24th, 2018 06:59 AM

DTG Ink is Fairly Easy To Scratch Off, Why? How Can I Fix This?
I know it may be frowned upon by some, but we're currently trying out the roller method for pre-treatment. I made some sample tee shirts with different amounts of pre-treatment to find the line where too much treatment would be. Today we're looking through our wash test tees, and realized that the ink scratches off with the use of your fingernail (which absolutely doesn't happen with screen printing tees). We even went into our archives from shirts we'd printed on shirts that we bought already pre-treated, those scratched as well.
Has anyone else faced/ solved this issue?
I'm also eager to hear chosen final processes in getting the perfect tee.

TABOB October 24th, 2018 08:00 AM

Re: DTG Ink is Fairly Easy To Scratch Off, Why? How Can I Fix This?
First of all you need to understand what the pretreatment does. It does not aid adhesion as some "experts" claim it does. On the contrary, what it does is preventing the ink from sinking into the fabric. Too much pretreatment and very little ink will cause the issue you are describing, as the ink cannot bind to the fibers. This is also why the issue is more common on white or light garments. The 30/70 ratio some recommend for white shirts is way too much. What you should be using is actually 2-3% pretreatment in 97-98% water.

Also, for very fine lines, do NOT use any pretreatment at all. If there is not enough ink to bleed, then pretreatment is not required. This is only for white/light color garments of course.

I hope this helps a little bit...

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