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dianespence February 5th, 2016 11:19 PM

Re: DTG Viper problems
I can concur after owning a DTG viper for approx. four years we have never had this machine up and running to standard DTG in Australia have done nothing but blame us for every little single thing that has gone on with the machine and now we are at the stage with them that we have to order the parts for the machine from America and fix it ourselves the call out fees charged and the cost of replacement parts are just one part of this huge stuff up we run a lot of machines in our factory and have never experienced anything like this Viper if you want to be blamed for every single issue even at times when the error is clearly a DTG lack of knowledge to put it politely from being told we need parts when we don't and the pounding that I have received from them they definitely have an attitude it took a year for them to realise they had supplied a platen that did not work I cannot tell you the amount of times we have told it is NORMAL to have to spend a couple of thousand on the machine every six months what a load of bull as mentioned we have a lot of machines and would rarely have to buy new parts because in the real world you pay out a lot of money for something new then WELL you expect it to work the concept is good the machine is set up to fail try and find yourself a good general printer repairman and stay away from anyone who represents DTG

dianespence February 6th, 2016 04:04 PM

Re: DTG Viper problems
Hi Don I have to say the statement that you made has jumped right out at me as the people I bought my viper from were very specific when they told me as an excuse for my machine not working properly that they were trying to iron out problems due to the fact that the machines used to be made in Australia and now were made in Singapore.....sometimes I feel sorry for you as you try and help people out I have noticed on this forum which is very courageous seeing the vipers are such a terrible piece of equipment when you are relying on them to do a job and they continuously break down... I think from our point of view when we have paid so much out for the machine and it has actually cost us more than the purchase price in service parts etc the frustration level gets to bordering on insanity I am very good with our machine it is always maintained every printer mechanic that comes into our workshop remarks on how I look after it however there is always something going on with it. From my job experience as a technical design engineer I think in my opinion the machine is set up to fail due to the white ink makeup and the fact it is forced through the tiniest of holes they cannot help become blocked no matter how well you clean the machine. I love this machine by principal it is fantastic I just wish that it would work more than a week without something going wrong anyway Don keep up the good work it is a great product but just does not work as well as the marketers that sell the machine say it does cheers Diane Spence

GuardianPrinter February 1st, 2017 06:52 PM

Re: DTG Viper problems
I own a Viper2 and have yet to be happy with a print. It constantly clogs and forms a rubber like substance on the print head. Support sucks and relies on terrible youtube videos. I wasted 25,000 buying this thing last year. All it is is a paper weight now. I'll sell this thing on the cheap. It will need some maintenance.

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