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homegrown June 8th, 2010 10:45 AM

Re: DTG Viper problems
Rob , I do understand the learning curve. But that is not the issue here and with others that have had issues with there Vipers. You must be one of the lucky ones as to that Maintenance is not going to effect a mother board or send you a broken platten or a bad capping station or a bad white ink manifold or a bad dummy ink cartridge. Bad maintenance does not rupture a print head or give you service error codes. After talking to all the techs I am doing the correct maintenance for this machine and am keeping the right humidity at my shop(even thought they do not tell you when you but the machine that it needs the right humidity to work correctly)
I wished I could have bought My Viper from SWF but they do not sell it in my area. and Mesa seams to not care as much about their customers as Don and SWF do.
The machine is just a machine and when it all comes down to it you need a company that cares about what they sell and that you are not just some money to them and they could not care any further.

signtoday June 8th, 2010 12:08 PM

Re: DTG Viper problems
I totally agree with you. After 8 service calls, I have decided to call it quits. I have tried to work with SWF many times and everything was my fault. I was told ""You can not clog this machine" Then why did I pay over 600.00 to Unclog it?? And two weeks later, still more problems. I am contacting BBB, Attorney General, and Dept of Consumer Affairs. I urge you to do the same-the more the better. If you are sold an unreliable product, they should at least take it back. I even requested this in the first 90 days, and they refused. I guess they have too many returns already?? Let me know if you do a class action, as I would join you.

homegrown June 15th, 2010 12:20 PM

Re: DTG Viper problems
Everyone that Buys DTG brand machines that if you buy your ink thru any other supplier they will blame any of your machine problems on the ink and may not help you with the problems. At least that is what I was just told by Mesa.

DTG Digital June 15th, 2010 05:00 PM

Re: DTG Viper problems
Unfortunatley its true.

We have over 4000 machines globally and we see a LOT of issues with third party vendors supplying the "same ink" into DTG machines. On the whole they will work OK but in reality they have a different QA process to what we have. We have seen a number of problems with two popular vendors in the US sending out unfiltered ink and old and new batches pre mixed to cut down on cost/wastage. This is happening a lot in the Industry and hasnt been addresed as yet. I cant see that there is an answer to this however.

WholesalePrint June 15th, 2010 05:39 PM

Re: DTG Viper problems

on the whole they will work ok

Don-ColDesi June 16th, 2010 04:34 AM

Re: DTG Viper problems

Yep, you heard Steve right. We do not deny that there are alternative options on ink, but we also recognize that when the ink is not handled by our infrastructure that we cannot control how it is handled or stored or how old it may be. There are a number of reliable sources for ink for the direct to garment community, most (in not all) of them also distribute printers as well. A company that has more than just the "ink horse" in the race has more at stake with every bottle of ink they sell, in our 5 1/2 years of direct to garment sales we have had our share of issues brought on by "bad batches" of ink, we have addressed those issues with our customers - often replacing printheads and providing supply credits to make up for the problems, even though the ink vendor only takes responsibility for ink itself (they 1 to 1 replace the defective product).


When ink is purchased from another vendor and a printer develops ink related issues - clogging, abnormal nozzle deflection, uncharacteristic ink starvation and color matching issues - the issues are not printer related, they are ink related. If you were to put bad gas into your car and it developed fuel injector problems - would you expect the manufacturer to warranty the problem - or would you pursue the gas station that sold you the bad gas?

By the way, thank you for your kind words about myslef and SWF East above - they did not go unnoticed.

Happy Printing!

homegrown June 16th, 2010 06:56 AM

Re: DTG Viper problems
I do understand about what you(Don) and Steve are saying about the ink but my problem started off as a bad motherboard then after the machine sat for over a week waiting on said motherboard the printhead clogged! So I had to buy the new printhead(not Mesa) and when I received the new printhead and installed it I received error codes (1001B then 1001D) hot head errors so then Mesa did send a replacement head and I installed it and no error code but no printing of ink in any way!!! So Steve & Terry say it is because I don't buy Ink from Mesa(one of the techs told me to look else where for better deals on inks and supplies because Mesa was high) So now I am waiting on a 2nd motherboard and have been sitting for over 3 weeks with the machine down. I sure hope my new printhead wont be clogged.

homegrown June 19th, 2010 05:45 AM

Re: DTG Viper problems
Update: So Terry from Mesa had a new motherboard sent to me. That got me up and running or so I thought. When I do a nozzle pattern check the black is al jagged (brand new head) I did a head alinement. Did not help so I called Mesa and had to leave a message(They did not call me back) so now I have lost one channel of white ink also(it is totally empty)
They Keep telling me these machines are a work horse(printed 15 shirts yesterday and lost magenta on the 15th one and had to do head cleanings to get it back{new damper for the magenta when I replaced the head})
If the machines are so reliable then why don't they ever have a Tech free to talk to you? Why do you have to leave a message and wait for 2-3-4 hours or a day till they return your message?

hughessisters May 31st, 2011 09:18 AM

Re: DTG Viper problems
Are you still having problems? We too have a viper and it prints incredible prints but is a huge baby. I would never buy again from company. I too wait for hours and have so many issues.
[email protected]Hotmail.com

Don-ColDesi May 31st, 2011 01:47 PM

Re: DTG Viper problems
Hi George,

I pulled up your service records and it does appear that you have had some issues related to letting your machine set for six weeks without use. Those notes were from November of last year and then there is really nothing until March of this year when it seems like someone else was working on the machine - Mike? There was some interfacing with him over a couple of months - perhaps we have a communication breakdown. If you would like - you can reach me at 877-793-3278 ext 122 and I can go over the service records with you and maybe we can determine where we might have dropped the ball with you.

Hope I can be of assistance.

iprintnstyle April 28th, 2012 10:49 AM

Re: DTG Viper problems
This machine does not do anything but brokedown and lose ink, crappy print result, clog lines it is an expensive piece of junk i must say. I never had a good experience with this junk machine i wish i never bought this ____. Tech support is terible.

I think i'm goin to contact my lawyer to file a lawsuit against this company who sell this ____.:mad:

bakedt May 5th, 2012 08:18 AM

Re: DTG Viper problems
We may be in the minority, but other than standard maintenance (daily cleaning and replacing capping station and print head one time), we have been running our Viper every day for 2 1/2 years and have not experienced many problems. I think that the key is, these machines are designed to print shirts on a regular basis. If you run them hard, they produce.

rrosick September 3rd, 2013 07:43 AM

Re: DTG Viper problems
hello everyone i am have problems with the black ink. It starts printing fine and then it fades as it goes.can someone please Help me .

uktech September 3rd, 2013 11:19 PM

Re: DTG Viper problems

Originally Posted by rrosick (Post 1341537)
hello everyone i am have problems with the black ink. It starts printing fine and then it fades as it goes.can someone please Help me .

Hi Rose

This could be a faulty damper that needs replacing, a faulty CMYK pump that needs replacing or the head to platten gap is too big causing "dusting" of ink back onto the nozzle plate during printing. Check for sharp edges on graphics when printed, if they have a soft edge, this is usually a sign that the print head is too far away from the t shirt when printing.

castellana14 July 1st, 2015 10:36 AM

Re: DTG Viper problems
Good afternoon , we have a problem with our DTG Viper . The yellow ink is not Going to nothing . They believe that it can be ?

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