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Stitch-Up July 29th, 2020 06:37 AM

DX5 Printhead - Regular failure on ONE Colour Channel
Hi guys

We've been doing DTG for many years always with the same NeoFlex original.

In the last two years we've gone through quite a few printheads and the failure always follows the same pattern - one of the colour channels totally stops working! A printhead is lasting maybe 3 months and the dies!

We print daily to keep the inks moving and one day the printer will produce perfect prints and the next a channel will completely fail!

I always use salvaged printheads from other printers - usually the Epson 2880. I know from experience that when I completely lose one of the colour channels and do everything I know to recover it, fitting a replacement head will fix the issue immediately.

I will usually, replace the damper, reverse flush the printhead, ensure there are no clogs, check cables, and all the other usual stuff. Unfortunately these remedies don't work and there's zero printing from the broken channel.

So I have a couple of questions:

1. Would a replacement BRAND NEW printhead work longer than the 2nd hand ones I'm using?

2. Is there something 'programmed' into the the printhead that fails these printheads after a certain time/print count?

3. Is there a counter built into the head that causes the issue? If so, is there anyway of resetting the counter?

4. I have seen printheads described as 'Locked' or 'Unlocked' - what exactly does this mean?

5. Finally, is there anyway to reset a printhead to bring it back to life?

Any other info would be gratefully received as I'm getting rather tired of these problems and I'm about to 'pull the plug' after many years of DTG printing.



TABOB July 30th, 2020 03:17 AM

Re: DX5 Printhead - Regular failure on ONE Colour Channel
You forgot to mention which color is the one failing.

Normally the channel of the most used color will fail first.
If you switch that color to a different channel, the failure occurrence will should also move. If not, then the problem is somewhere else.

Losing all the nozzles at the same time is not normal. My guess is that you have a faulty mainboard and it is somehow burning a particular channel.

There is no programmed failure in the printheads.
"Locked" means that the printhead will work on EPSON printers only.

How many prints are we talking about before the failure?

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