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VP Print August 24th, 2011 08:46 AM

Extremely clogged nozzles on W4
Hey, over the last week I've noticed that a couple nozzles on my W4 printhead seem to be clogged. Several manual cleanings and too many powerful head cleanings to count later, those nozzles remain nonfunctional.

Before I get any more aggressive with this thing, I was hoping for some feedback on methods to use that may get these things firing again. I remember seeing a few posts on unclogging methods awhile back but after searching around for them again this morning, couldn't find what I was looking for.

My 782 is still under warranty from Brother if that makes a difference. I saw that brother offers a cleaning service as well as a refurbishing service although I couldn't find what they charged for those services.

Thanks in advance for your input,

DAGuide August 24th, 2011 09:49 AM

Re: Extremely clogged nozzles on W4
Here would be my suggestions to help verify that the issue is isolated to the thread:
1. Put some of the maintenance fluid in the cap associated with that print head and see if it is sucked down when running a cleaning. This will help determine if the waste tube is clogged.
2. Move the print head to another location and run a Powerful cleaning to prime it. Then, print another nozzle check. Want to see if the same issue follows from one ink line / position to another. If not, then it might be something else (i.e. filter, ink line,..).
3. If the same results show up after moving the print head, manually clean the bottom of the print head using the swab and maintenance fluid.
4. If you see a different result, try replacing the filter.
5. Call Brother technical support to see if they have any other suggestions before you send the print head in for refurbishing.

Good luck and let us know what resolves the issue.


loloxa August 24th, 2011 10:10 AM

Re: Extremely clogged nozzles on W4

Originally Posted by VP Print (Post 968274)
My 782 is still under warranty from Brother if that makes a difference.

Heads have a 6 months warranty, so if you are still inside that window I would recommend to talk to brother and get them to send you a new head, lemon's occur.

Follow DAguide's tips first, although being that new it would surprise me if you have a clog in the lines, all the white ink gets washed off with the cleaning solution, so proper maintenance should avoid clogging issues.

If you are in a hot and dry environment, leaving the machine idle over the weekend and doing the weekly maintenance on monday, you might run with this issue due to ink drying up, try to do the cleaning on friday/saturday, I have found to have less issues with this schedule.

If you are in your first 6 months do not try to wash the head too harshly, you might inflict more damage without knowing.

VP Print August 30th, 2011 08:32 AM

Re: Extremely clogged nozzles on W4
I gave Brother a call the other day and they gave me this solution to try...

Here is what I wound up doing: while I was shutting everything down at the end of the day, I retrieved the ink out of the W4 line by disconnecting the ink supply tube from the print head. (pretty cool trick)

After the ink was mostly retrieved into the cartridge i reconnected the ink tube, replaced the W4 cartridge with the maintenance cartridge and did a 'load white' to load the maintenance fluid. I then ran 2 'Tube Cleanings' to scrub out the lines and then an 'Initial Cleaning' to fully load the line and print head with maint. fluid.

I let it sit overnight with the maint fluid loaded. Loaded white ink back into W4 the next morning and after a few powerful head cleanings, all but 2 nozzles were firing correctly, a good improvement. Those nozzles have been improving through regular daily use and maintenance, one is working fine this morning and the other still fires a little funny but is improving slowly. If it doesn't fix itself in the next few days, I may try repeating this trick over the weekend.

Brother also recommended swapping my W2 and W4 heads. Apparently W4 is the least used printhead and therefore more prone to drying up. I have not done this but may down the line.

Thank you for your feedback and advice. You guys were helpful as always!


WholesalePrint August 31st, 2011 09:56 PM

Re: Extremely clogged nozzles on W4
Do A white ink retrieval and bulk clean it real good may be twice in that head and PRESTO!!!!

DTG782GURU September 12th, 2011 12:27 PM

Re: Extremely clogged nozzles on W4
I do between 600-1000 t-shirts a week 98% designs that include white, every Friday I do tube cleaning and load up cleaning solution via initial cleaning in all 4 lines to soak up over weekend. Refurbishing of the head is $295, refurbished one is $750, brand new is $1139. Do not buy new only thing brother does is they open head clean it and put new "sponge" and if there is no issues with electronics voila you have new head. As last resort regardless of being W or CMYK you can take head out connect syringe and flush head out. Done it 3 times and 2 times it worked where I got another 6 months.

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