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Hallo! I live in the middle of nowhere, in a place called Wendover. The town is 120 miles west from Salt Lake City (SLC), 120 miles East of Elko, Nevada (which also has a WalMart). The problem with living in the middle of nowhere is you have to do a little bit of everything to survive.

I have a Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems, however since I graduated in 2002, this got me little work. By circumstance I ended up in the middle of nowhere, and even though I've left a few times, I keep coming back! I work on electronics, computers, and of course make t-shirts, signage, and a few other odds and ends in addition to running a gift shop.
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Day off? Whazzat?

Posted August 24th, 2008 at 07:49 PM by joeshaul
Updated August 24th, 2008 at 08:03 PM by joeshaul (Forgot to include thingamajigger's URL!)
We close our shop for Sunday, simply because it's a fairly slow day shopwise, and we don't really have the business to merit being open 24/7. I like it because I know for a fact the public won't come walking through the door, so I can play music and work on things.

So, today, I decided to work on this big banner the local movie theater wanted. They wanted an 6'x10' banner basically to cover up their existing enclosure. I'm unsure how well it's going to work out, but took the job anyways. I should've taken Sue's advice and outsourced the banner, since I had to seam it and all other kinds of crap. I can only do 30" wide, so the banner's actually 3 separate banners overlaid onto each other.

I also had to print up some samples for the Elko County Fair. We should be attending the fair Thursday-Monday this week, unless they decline our application tomorrow. They didn't have a whole lot of vendors last year when we went to scout it. Lots of people, no vendors, probably because it has a fairly high buyin amount for a vendor booth, like ~$450, whereas most of the car shows and stuff we attend is only like $25-$50.

There was also some items that hadn't been delivered yet from the Wells Car Show, I was awaiting approval from a car club's members, got the approval, so will be delivering most of their items tomorrow (cept for 4 posters, which need to be printed and left to dry). I made two mugs, two plaques and four posters for em. The other four posters will probably be delivered Thursday when I'm at the fair.

I also updated "The Thingamajigger". This was requested by a forum member. Basically it's two PHP scripts. The first one supplies the user with color options, and the ability to type in text. The second script takes the input and places it onto a firefighter emblem that I got from I was bored and it gives me something useful to program. I'm sure there are more professional packages out there that fill this void, but I may continue working on it in my spare time, and when I open up my online store just use my own code. Right now it just consists of four files:

index.php - Mainly just a HTML form for the input

test.php - This is the file that actually overlays the text onto the image and dumps it

test.jpg - The jpeg output from test.php, so yes it does actually save the file, however anytime someone uses the form, it overwrites itself. This could easily be changed to provide an incremental count, or etc.

supersecretjpg - I am technically not allowed to make the fire department logo available for reproduction due to its source

Thingamajigger's URL: My thingermajigger
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