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Hallo! I live in the middle of nowhere, in a place called Wendover. The town is 120 miles west from Salt Lake City (SLC), 120 miles East of Elko, Nevada (which also has a WalMart). The problem with living in the middle of nowhere is you have to do a little bit of everything to survive.

I have a Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems, however since I graduated in 2002, this got me little work. By circumstance I ended up in the middle of nowhere, and even though I've left a few times, I keep coming back! I work on electronics, computers, and of course make t-shirts, signage, and a few other odds and ends in addition to running a gift shop.
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ASD/AMD Show, Day 1

Posted August 11th, 2008 at 07:28 PM by joeshaul
Updated August 11th, 2008 at 07:34 PM by joeshaul
Well, I guess technically the show was open yesterday. Today we registered, which only took us a few minutes, then we went on ahead to start browsing. So far I haven't seen any really really good deals, which there's usually tons of at this show. We walked the entire bottom floor of the Sands (100-1600 I believe), and started on the top floor (2000-3200 I believe, leaving 3300-10000).

Today we ordered:
Balloons that can be personalized, these are inkjet printable and are quite unique. They either sell an individual balloon in bulk, or you could buy their "kit" which has three balloons and packaging which is meant for resale. We bought a case of the "kit". I figure we can put a few up for sale, but I have a feeling people will want us printing their balloons for them a majority of the time (in which case, I'll ransack the kits one by one).

Medieval statues and stuff! We bought a lot of dragon statues, coaster holders, and some strange waterfall things. I'll take photos after we receive the product. They're all really neat, and I tried to keep it within reason as to what I will charge after markup. The dragon statues have fiber optics in their wings which makes em look really cool. We got some dragons that are holding electric orbs. We also just got some paperweight/just for look kinds, mainly just to fill in spots in the store (we have some items that we have lots of overstock on, but we put out solely to fill spots).

Interesting things we saw:
Lots of people are selling items that can be personalized by the gift shops at this show. "Name drops" is the term for this show I think. Seen many shot glasses, pendants, and a wide variety of other things that can be "name dropped" from various vendors. Lot of em seemed to be similar to pad printing, but one vendor had some metallic badges that they said could be name dropped.

We saw StitchCity at the show. We originally bought our Brother from them in March, Walter Price the guy who took care of our paperwork for us greeted us. He got sidetracked with some customers though, so we continued talking to Ken. I asked about the cap platen cause I wanted to see it in person and I wanted to see how to dry it. They brought it on out, hooked a cap in and brought a stock design they printed on it and printed me one up. Looks pretty nice, and it sounds like they're coming up with some newer platens as well.

The Nutty Bevarian company. We're debating whether or not to buy into it. A few weeks back, a friend brought us some glazed cashews from a vendor selling their product (believe he got it at a Cabella's or somethin). After we ate the cashews, I was intrigued and so I researched it briefly. I kinda put it by the wayside, but when we saw it at the show, we thought it'd be a good thing to sell both in our shop and at events where we will set up booths. We're a bit unsure if we want to put money in at this time though.

Things I'm surprised we didn't see:
Very little stuff for "adult oriented" stores. Seems that last time there was tons of that crap, but haven't seen very much this time. We don't sell it though, so it doesn't affect me much, just noticed a lot less of it.

Del Swain of Creative Photo Concepts. He may be on the upper floor somewhere, but I always want to see him when we go to trade shows. Last time he was in the corner on the bottom floor though from what I recall.

Very little duffle type bags, seen lots and lots of purses and such, but the backpack/duffle market seems to be a lot less there unless we see em tomorrow!

Tomorrow's plan:
Finish walking the show.

I would like to purchase some AirSoft guns and ammo.

Backpacks still need to be gotten as well as incense.

We need to purchase some Halloween stuff, however we will also be on the lookout for some Christmas items as well.

My dad was researching ATV's and such at the show, it might be something for us to try, since our third business partner who isn't here owns a car lot and such, it might be an easy thing to push a cheapo ATV. Right now he has some ATV's for like $5000, but we should be able to sell some cheapo nonames for $600.

That's what we have on the plate, lets see how it pans out!
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's Avatar
Very interesting about the balloons, Joe. Have you tried them yet?

I love dragons and crystals and things like that. Maybe you could post a pic of some of the dragons. I'd love to see them.
Posted August 19th, 2008 at 07:27 AM by Girlzndollz Girlzndollz is offline

's Avatar
We saw him demo the balloons at the show from print to expanded. The print quality on em wasn't too great (colors seemed a bit washed out). I felt good dealing with the guy, as he was the inventor of it, it was a unique idea, and it fit into the types of things I sell/make, so didn't have a problem buying some to see if they go over.

Most of our shipments have yet to come in still. So far we've only received an order of caps (that I placed through Sanmar online), and we received our hat platen today, but haven't messed around with it yet. I'll get some pictures of the statues when they come in, the fiber optic ones are really neat, but dunno if a picture will do them justice!
Posted August 19th, 2008 at 02:43 PM by joeshaul joeshaul is offline
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