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Rodney May 21st, 2007 04:23 PM

Do you Squidoo? We could use your vote :)
If you are a Squidoo.com user, please check out the "Offers" page and cast a vote for T-ShirtForums.com:

Squidoo : Topic : Business

Squidoo : Topic : DIY & Hobbies

You have to be a logged in Squidoo user to vote.

Scroll down until you see the T-ShirtForums icon and offer and click the vote button next to it to make us famous :)

What is Squidoo.com?

Squidoo is a collaborative online resource started by marketing expert, Seth Godin which
allows anyone to build a single page, called a lens, on a topic that he or she is passionate about. The person building the lens, the “lensmaster”, gets recognition as an expert in his or her area of expertise, and cash. Squidoo shares a percentage of profits with its authors.

What are Squidoo Offers?

SquidOffers are a brand new, cost-effective way to reach millions of people with an offer, not an ad. And if your offer is a good one, you get unlimited traffic for an insanely low fee. It's easy: create an offer and upload a photo. Pick which category to run it in. Our millions of readers vote on their favorites, and the highest voted offers list first, getting the most traffic.

So with a simple click at Squidoo, you can help get more exposure for the forums and bring more fresh faces to our growing t-shirt community.

Squidoo : Topic : DIY & Hobbies

Squidoo : Topic : Business

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