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Default A few questions/concerns about my TransPro 15x15

I just ordered my TransPro 15x15 press on 3/25. I received it today, which was VERY fast shipping. Kudos on that part. I do, however, have some questions/concerns.

First, are these presses sold used or refurbished? I ask because the press I got looks as if its been used. The ProWorld stickers are cracked/flaking and there are scratches on it. There is also a dent on it, but I'm almost certain that was UPS's fault because of a corresponding dent in the box. Here are pictures of what I'm talking about.

Cracked/Flaked Decal

Scratches on Backside

Entire Press

The scratches don't bother me that much, but it just seems a little odd that a new machine would look worn like that. The big problem I have is the press won't stay clamped down. I've tried to get it to stay with the pressure knob all the way out and with it almost all the way down and everywhere in between. I can feel it clamp down, but then it just pops right back open. I'm new to heat presses. Is there something I'm missing that's totally obvious? There was no manual that came with the machine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.