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Default Re: Sample Transfer Paper and Shipping Question

Just an update on this... Fair bit of run around... So I call ProWorld this lady answers... I started to explain that I had posted here and someone replied that I contact customer service and they could take care of me...

Linda proceeds to more or less to try to tell me what I want... Oh you want a sample pack we offer it for $11.99 in either inkjet or laser... Of course that is not what I wanted at all but she kept interrupting me and not let me explain what it was I was looking for...

I kept hearing that I wanted laser paper that I didn't have to contour cut. I then tried asking her again about the video on the website that shows the CLC for Darks in action with Laser 1 Opaque printed on the back. Well I buy Laser 1 Opaque from Coastal Business so if that's what they are selling I already have it.

She never real did ackowledge if infact the CLC for Darks is really Laser 1 Opaque... But being that was not what my call was about it's a moot point.

So finally I get a word in edge wise and explain no I was calling about the WetTrans Paper... I explained that I attempted to order 10 sheets and the shipping was like $18.00.

First she said well we don't offer a "trial" pack on the WetTrans... It's not a product we sell alot of... So again I explained well if I can't try the product and it really is going to cost me $18.00 everytime I order 10 sheets then I don't want to try the product. She went on to explain most people don't buy 10 sheets of paper at a time... They base their shipping via UPS 1lb box.

So again I say really I can't just get a few sheets of this to try?... I mean the other day I contacted Imprintables.com about some laser paper and they sent me 3 sample sheets at 11x17 no cost at all no shipping no cost on the sample paper just as a courtesy...

Finally she comes around a bit... She tried telling me there was a 10 sheet pack for the WetTrans on the website but there isn't... It's sold by the sheet and you can order as few or as many as you like. Minor point it just annoyed me because she said it was there and it clearly wasn't...

Anyhow... After much frustration she did agree to send me 10 sheets for $9.50. Initially she offered to reduce the shipping to $7.50 and ship via USPS and then she offered to waive the shipping altogether and charge me just for the sheets and send it via Parcel Post...

So in the end she came thru but GEES!!! Getting there... Kinda of a hassle!

Just some thought for business... I send out sample shirts, emroidered caps and rhinestone transfers all the time... I mean almost every single day... Some of those I never hear from again... Most I do... I try to make it easy for my customer to deal with me.

In the end I got what I was looking for and I was williing to even pay a nominal shipping charge... But the transaction as a whole was a hassle that didn't have to be.

I should be able to call and say hey I want to try some of your transfer paper for laser... Great we have a sample pack with a few sheets of every paper we offer for laser to try out it's $15.00 even $20.00 and includes shipping... Done deal... Perfect! So much less of a hassle.

Apparently they offer a sample pack for laser that includes 5 sheets for lights and darks but is only available for free shipping if you call and place your order by phone... If you order it from the website she says I will be charged shipping?... I didn't even see it on the website...

But anyhow... Just one experience... It wasn't "bad"... It was just kinda a hassle that didn't need to be IMHO.